About us


In 2019, a new office building, changing rooms and a dining room for employees were put into operation. This year, the size of product packaging is being expanded and a new line for aseptic high-volume packaging of milk and cream on 10 l and 1000 l is being installed.


A large project was prepared for this year - new storage capacities. At the same time, the construction of an administrative building, changing rooms and a dining room for employees was started. The storage capacity of finished products has thus increased to more than 15,000 pallets.


This year, a project was implemented to expand production and storage capacity for lactose-free products. The first product in the line was UHT milk 1.5%.


Since 2010, Mlékárna Pragolaktos, a.s. 100% is owned by Sachsenmilch Leppersdorf GmbH (member of the Müller Group) and specializes in the production of UHT milk and cream produced by machineries of companies Tetra Pak and SIG Combibloc. The production is being modernized and production capacities are increasing.


In 2005, the decision of the owner led to the entry of a strategic partner with a share of over 50%. Subsequently, it was decided to specialize in the production of durable milks and creams.


In 2004, a new production company, Mlékárna Pragolaktos, a.s., was entered in the Commercial Register. This company owned the production part of the Pragolaktos site.


Laktos Kyje was registered in 1991 as the state-owned enterprise Pragolaktos. Its privatization took place on December 1, 1992, when the company Pragolaktos, a.s. was established.


After the start of operation, up to 170,000 liters were processed daily. The dairy in Kyje was the most modern in the former Eastern bloc in these years.


Preparations for construction began in 1969 and in 1974 the construction itself began. The capacity in full operation was about 120 million liters and 20 million liters of creams per year.