From Czech breeds to your table

Raw cow milk is a white liquid that contains important nutrients. It consists of water, milk fat, protein, milk sugar and vitamins (especially A, D, E, K). The treatment of milk with UHT by heating mainly serves the health safety and also the longer shelf life of the milk. Take a look at the path that we process from the Czech farmer to your table.

Czech origin

For processing in our dairy, we buy milk exclusively from Czech farmers, who must meet strict quality requirements, the fulfillment of which we regularly check.

Always fresh milk

Special tanker trucks bring fresh milk from the farms to our dairy.

Quality comes first

Raw milk checked in our laboratory is pumped from the tanker to a storage tank, where its journey through our dairy begins.

Gentle processing

Raw milk is skimmed and adjusted to the required fat content.

Shelf life

The milk is treated in UHT heating, which ensures its shelf life.

Delicious taste

The filling line aseptically fills the milk into packaging, which then reaches your table through shops.